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Livak Syrup

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Restorative syrup, maintaining and regulating normal liver secretions. Excellent levo-stimulant recommended in chronic digestive disorders and weakness of the liver, with a potent detoxifying effect in chronic alcoholic liver disease. Also recommended as a liver function restorative and hepatic rejuvenating medicine in post hepatitis and jaundice for improved and rapid recovery.

Ingredients: Kutaki, Kalmegh, Gulvel, Awala, Harda, Behada, Sunth, Kirayat, Daruhadi, Adulsa, Pittapapada, Vavding, Erandmul, Punarnava,Flavoured Syrup base.

Ingredients: Kutaki, Green Chiretta, Heart-leaved moonseed, Indian gooseberry, Terminalia chebula, Ginger, Terminalia bellirica, Indian barberry, Malabar nut, Fumitory, Embelia Ribes, Castor plant, Spreading hogweed, Flavoured syrup base

Dosage: 3 Tablespooons thrice per day.