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YOU are YOU !

Truths to Remind Yourself Every Day

1. I am me - exclusively.
Realize and then accept that only YOU are YOU. It sounds elementary, but once you make this connection, you start placing higher values on your own strengths and are able to navigate your weaknesses with greater ease.

2. Everyone's challenges are tailor made for them, don't compare.
Often we think we're taking a glimpse of someone's life and find ourselves comparing their perceived effort and success or think that they seem to 'have it easy'. I have yet to come across ANYONE without a cross to bear...and more than that .. I've never come across someone with a set of challenges I'd rather have. I believe we're all designed to deal with our own Gremlins as we're uniquely positioned to use it moving forward. Keep your eyes on your own path, so you don't trip!

3. Acknowledging your gifts and skills doesn't brand you as conceited.
Once you've identified your strengths, skills, abilities and insights, you are obligated to use them to make the world a better place - and there's nothing arrogant about that, as long as you remember that the point is universal evolution and not personal gratification.

4. Giving will always bring more.
Give. Simple as that. Give a tiny bit (or a lotta bit)  as you can and with the intention of humanitarian service - and watch it return multiple-fold, sometimes from avenues you couldn't have imagined.

5. Your body knows what you don't. Listen.
Irrespective if what shape and size you are, your body knows infinitely more than you do. Listen. Attentively. When you can feel your body's trying to get you to rest, don't push yourself for another 4 days and wait to have a resistence crash that will leave you out of commission for much longer than if you simply gave yourself a few hours to rest and thereby avoid a crash. Listen and learn so you are able to look after yourself optimally. If you don't, you have nothing to offer anyone else from except resistance, resentment and irritation.

6. Nature makes you happy.
When you need a breath of fresh air, go get it! As in literally... Get a breath of fresh air. Look up and marvel at the profound beauty of the sky, painted in hues beyond comprehension or watch the glittering stars worlds away. Or immerse yourself in the perfect fragrance of a rose and allow it to permeate through your system, leaving you with positive thoughts and the reminder that life really is beautiful if you could just take the time to remind yourself often enough to look around. Really look around.

7. Everything I say and do, I must be accountable to.

Living consciously means holding yourself accountable for everything you say and do. If you can answer for it in front of an authority figure (or yourself), you're good to go. If you can't, ask yourself what the trigger is behind your words or action and work from there.

7 things to remember and that's it! Pretty simplistic starting point but actually accomplishing each of them might not be as easy as they seem ... Good luck!